Meetup Thursday 16th June with Ranjit Das and Elizabeth Shassere

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Eventbrite - Lean Startup Yorkshire - June Meetup 2016

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Ranjit Das: Scenario Planning techniques.

Ranjit Das at Lean Startup YorkshireThis session will help SME’s understand how to use Scenario Planning techniques. Scenario planning can help companies ‘see around corners’ by imagining possible futures and then developing contingency plans in preparation. By envisioning different futures companies can decide what they may be able to achieve in each set of circumstances.

Bio: I have 25+ years experience in industry – of which 10 years were spent in GE. I consider myself a seasoned professional in people development with global organisations. I have wide expertise in the areas of leadership and management development.
I was a Master Trainer and Coach for GE’s Lean Startup program for 2 years. I trained over 1000 GE leaders and supported multiple Startup programs. ” Scenario Planning for SMEs “The world is becoming more uncertain and unpredictable. SME’s would be prudent to spend time considering what their industry may look like in different political & economic conditions.
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Elizabeth Shassere: Textocracy – linking voices to listeners

Elizabeth Shassere at Lean Startup YorkshireElizabeth will share her story of becoming the Founder and CEO of Lean startup, Textocracy. She spent 20 years in the public sector before answering a call to action for a LEAN Startup Weekend to come up with a solution that would improve the number and representation in the public voice captured by public services in fulfilling their duty for consultation. She won the top prize for her design of a simple, accessible tool that bridges the digital divide and has social impact at the heart of its mission.

Bio: Elizabeth Shassere worked for 20 years in the public sector before becoming an entrepreneur with the intention of building solutions for the challenges she and her colleagues faced in those organisations. A registered public health consultant by background, she has worked in England in the National Health Service and in local government, as well as in the U.S at the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She has won top prize at two startup weekend events, and has volunteered and mentored locally and internationally at several others. She was accepted on and completed the Dotforge Social Impact Accelerator with Textocracy, and is committed to its purpose of bridging the digital divide and giving more people a chance to have a voice in public services.
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