Meetup – Thursday 10th April 2014

Eventbrite - Lean Startup Yorkshire - #2

The second gathering of the Lean Startup Yorkshire community with take place on Thursday 10th April ready to replicate the fantastic first meetup we had back in February with over fifty people in attendance and some fantastic feedback. We’ve tweaked the format slightly to a main speaker plus a single demo slot, reflecting some of your feedback and allow more time for questions and background for the demos.

As for speakers, this month is not to be missed. If entrepreneurship relies on innovation then beating the competition must be an innovation race. Being able to consistently come up with new ideas that actually make a comercial difference separates the good from the great. James Allen from Creative Huddle is here to tell you how to embed that in your startup. For this months demo Tom Sheppard, founder of Presence Orb, has both hardware and software to show and is a fantastic example of Yorkshire innovation success.

James Allen: Building innovation and creativity into a modern business.

James Allen photoWhether it’s sparking new ideas for products, services or working practices, businesses need creativity. Without it they become stale, boring and worst of all, unprofitable. What makes some businesses better breeding grounds for creativity than others? This talk will explore some of the most effective ways to handle creativity and innovation at work, and will look at which companies do it well.

Bio: After a 15 year agency career promoting some of the world’s best tourism destinations, including California, Sydney and the Maldives, James Allen found himself seeking out training to help him win more pitches, lead better creative teams and generate bigger ideas for clients. When he couldn’t find what he was looking for he decided to create it himself, and founded Creative Huddle in 2012. With a Yorkshireman’s instinct to tell it as it is, James aims to clear away the myths and mysticism around creativity to make it understandable to all.
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Presence Orb demo: Bringing wisdom from the crowd

Tom Sheppard photoWhat would it mean to brick and mortar retailers if they had an offline version of Google Analytics? What sort of information could you glean from it and more importantly how could they action this insight within their business.

Bio: Tom Sheppard founded Presence Orb with over 10 years experience as a developer having worked for large corporations such as Microsoft and in the banking sector as a developer on high volume trading systems.  Tom was working with Big Data when it was just data.
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