Meetup – Thursday 12th March 2015: Building a Payments Company and Blooie the Server Melting Chat Platform

This months meet up has a financial flavour with an insight into the workings of a growing card payments processor based right here in Yorkshire and an educational slot exploring start-up financing options and tax schemes available to either get started or make the next growth step.

Eventbrite - Lean Startup Yorkshire - March 2015

James Howard: To stand out and be different!

James Howard at Lean Startup YorkshireJames Howard’s company Yorkshire Payments is very unique and different from the main high street Banks. It values it’s customers, it values its reputation and more importantly it values its future. James started the company with less than £300 and no contacts, having left school with no qualifications and being brought up on the notorious Low Hill council estate in Wolverhampton, failure was not an option for him. He just needed that one opportunity to prove to all of the naysayers that anything is possible. Here my story of how and why I chose this path, and what the future holds for Yorkshire Payments.


James Howard moved from Wolverhampton to Halifax in April 2011 with £300 in his Bank account, no job, no contacts, a tank of fuel in his car, and very few possessions. Fast Forward to Spring 2015 James now employees 12 staff, his company now turnover’s £550k and is on course to be a £1.4 million pound company within 2 years, having won 2 stand out awards last year,and destined for more success in 2015, hear how and why James has been driven to succeed and why he won’t stop until he reaches his ultimate goals.

Chris Manson at Lean Startup YorkshireChris Manson CTO of Blooie: A demo and some of the challenges of scaling startups

Starting with a demo of our product I will go through some of the feature of our chat software and how our technical decisions have affected our product direction. I will also discuss some of the scaling difficulties of running a live chat platform at a large scale and how we effectively stress our system.


Chris is the CTO and co-founder of Blooie, an online chat software company that uses analytics and real-time technologies to improve customer engagement.

Chris also runs LeedsJS, a monthly meet-up for Javascript developers of any level to demo and discuss projects and exciting technologies.

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