Meetup – Thursday 15th January 2015

Eventbrite - Lean Startup Yorkshire - January 2015

Kicking off 2015 our January meet up showcases two local entrepreneurs who can already lay claim to serial success. John MacLeod’s magazine The Professional can be found in print and on the web, featuring local entrepreneurs and business stories from around Leeds. This is however only his most recent venture. James Gupta, fresh from a recent exit of Jumpin is here to demo and talk about his current venture MyCQs, already showing traction, and built while still juggling being medical student. Be inspired by the buzz and positive energy and get 2015 started by registering now.

John MacLeod speaker for JanJohn MacLeod: Attributes for Start-up Success

Based on his belief and in particular his current businesses aim to tell great stories, John will provide a series of anecdotes around 5 of the key skills he believes are vital for start-up success. We will also hear John’s back story to becoming an entrepreneur and of plans for the future.


John Macleod has been involved with start-ups since graduating from Leeds Beckett University in 2010. His entrepreneurial journey up to now has seen him from inventing a stationary product to appearing on BBC’s Dragon’s Den and now to his current project The Professional; a business & enterprise publication create to inspire, inform and advice aspirational professionals. John will share his story of successes and failures and also his recent experience of crowd funding.

James Gupta at Lean tartup YorkshireJames Gupta: MyCQs – A Social Learning Network

MyCQs is an innovative e-learning platform for students and professionals. It offers an engaging, effective and social alternative to traditional study methods by encouraging people to create their own test questions, practice them on the go and ultimately share them with their friends and colleagues.

Whilst MyCQs started as a ‘hobby project’ created by two guys in their university dorm rooms, it has organically gained tens of thousands of users from all over the world, including students from every discipline imaginable as well as professionals such as accountants, airline pilots and nurses.

Now we are looking to re-launch MyCQs with a scalable business plan in place.

In this talk, Founder & CEO James Gupta will talk about their journey into the startup world over the last 18 months, from bedroom coders to entrepreneurs securing investment for their product, and a bit about their plans for MyCQs in the future.


James is a medical student currently taking a year out to study an MSc in Healthcare Informatics at The University of Leeds, where he has been awarded medical, informatics and enterprise scholarships. Last year he successfully exited his first startup, JumpIn ( after serving as Chief Technical Officer for 18 months.

He is currently the founder and CEO of MyCQs (, an innovative e-learning platform that offers students and professionals a more effective and engaging way to study by encouraging them to create Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) tests from their course material, practice them on-the-go and share them with friends. MyCQs has organically gained over 60,000 downloads from across the world and is used by a huge range of people including medical students, Boeing pilots and special needs teachers.

A self-taught software developer, James is passionate about using technology to solve some of the problems facing healthcare and education, and is an Innovator for Fourmore Innovation (, an international think train that works with healthcare organisations and addresses a problem they face by applying lean startup and design thinking principles.


Eventbrite - Lean Startup Yorkshire - January 2015

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