Meetup: Tues. 16th July 2015 – UX and Test, the Building Blocks of an MVP also You Won’t Always Be a Start-up, Tales From the Front Line

Kimberley Bottomley and James Salt: UX and Test, The Building Blocks of an MVP

Eventbrite - Lean Startup Yorkshire - July 2015

Leeds based smart home security tech start-up Cocoon are putting users at the heart of what they do through a lean and continuous process of improvement backed by a simple system. Customer Experience Lead Kimberley Bottomley and Test Lead James Salt will be sharing insight into how Cocoon is building its MVP.

Kimberly Bottomley at Lean Startup YorkshireBio Kimberley Bottomley:

Kimberley has been in the UX Design field for approaching 10 years. Having lead UX teams in large FTSE 100 companies for most of that time, she stepped away from corporate life in December 2014 to be Head of Customer Experience for Cocoon, an IoT start-up based in Leeds.
She’s passionate about Lean UX and collaborative, creative processes. Kimberley’s organised hackathons and run innovation events. She’s also part of the Northern UX organising team, arranging meet-ups and conferences in the North of England for people interested in UX.

James Salt at Lean Startup YorkshireBio James Salt:

James leads the effort to provide Cocoon with actionable information that allows elimination of risk that the product fails technically, commercially or operationally. Previously a trainer, consultant and agile coach James has a love of lean system optimisation. James has been a Python programmer for seven years now mainly focusing on automating business processes and software systems.

Paul Berwin at Lean Startup YorkshirePaul Berwin: You Won’t Always Be a Start-up, Tales From the Front Line

An understanding of the protection of intellectual property and data is essential for technology companies – it’s so easy to give ownership of IP away, or fail to acquire it when you think you have done. We’ll look at the issues around that and how startup companies can preserve their value, what intellectual property right are and how that can be managed. As the collection of data has become an increasingly important issue, we’ll also look at the obligations of companies handling data


Founder, senior partner and head of commercial and digital at Berwins solicitors, based in Harrogate and at the Berwins Digital Office at Calls Wharf, Leeds. Paul has been advising technology companies and digital agencies (before they called themselves that) since the late 1990s, and acts for an impressive roster of such companies. Through acting for a small software company in London which was acquired by a bigger one, and then acquired again by an even bigger one, Paul is now badged as UK External Counsel for a large US technology company. Paul is also a very busy runner and cyclist and, because he’s a poor swimmer, retired triathlete.

Eventbrite - Lean Startup Yorkshire - July 2015

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