Announcing Garbutt and Elliott as a Lean Startup Yorkshire Sponsor

Garbutt and Elliott sponsors of Lean Startup YorkshireAnother fantastic company has stepped forward to help make Lean Startup Yorkshire an ongoing success. It’s great to announce that Garbutt and Elliott the independent accounting and wealth advisory firm based in Yorkshire will be helping with ongoing expenses.

For a community group like Lean Startup Yorkshire to survive it needs two things: support from the community in the form of people showing up and support from the business community to provide the resources to keep it going. Organisation, sandwiches, beer, space, projectors, prizes, speaker expenses all have to come from somewhere and without a sustainable stream of help from business supporters things soon wither away. We all owe a tiny piece of gratitude to these companies.

Garbutt and Elliott asked us to pass on this short message…

We’re very pleased to sponsor Lean Startup Yorkshire. We’re very aware of the great value and honest experiences that the group brings to start up and young businesses.

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