Meetup: Thursday 16th April 2015 – Delivering Difference and Financing Your Lean Start Up

Eventbrite - Lean Startup Yorkshire - April 2015
The DotForge social accelerator has recently launch its first programme of social start-ups and Paul Rawings is visiting with his Delivered co-founder Ricki as one of the cohort to talk about their business, how they were taking money after three days and the whole accelerator experience.
There are plenty of ways of financing a new venture but not all of the options are appropriate or available. Lay on top of that things like the ESIS tax incentive scheme or recent trends or flavours of crowd sourcing and there becomes plenty to consider. Simon Palmer and Rob Durrant-Walker will be lifting the lid on some of the options.
Eventbrite - Lean Startup Yorkshire - April 2015

Paul Rawlings: Delivering DifferenceDelivered at Lean Startup Yorkshire

Paul is coming with the whole team. There going to explain their MVP, how they launched it and how Delivered was making money three days into joining their accelerator programme. Ricki, Paul’s co-founder, is coming to tell her side of the story as the first time founder and Paul will delve into his background and previous ventures. They will also talk about what life on the new dotForge social accelerator has been like.


Paul is no stranger to the startup world. He’s been building awesome companies like a ninja for the past 5 years. Paul is the founder and now ex CEO of the North East based Screen Reach Interactive and has mentored and advised on a number of other startups and accelerator programmes. Paul’s current venture Deliverd, is a social enterprise focusing on delivering healthy meals to busy people for their lunch.

More interestingly though, Paul is a musical theatre enthusiast! He particularly enjoys the sweet sweet melodrama of Les Miserables and the quirky subversion of the classic Wizard of Oz, Wicked. Another important thing to know about Paul is that he only listens to one song per month, on repeat. This month’s musical selection is the Live version of Coldplay’s Fix You…we love him anyway…

Rob Durrant-Walker at Lean Startup Yorkshire
Simon Palmer at Lean Startup Yorkshire

Simon Palmer and Rob Durrant-Walker: Financing Your Lean Start Up – Current Tips for Success!

From Bootstrapping, to Crowd funding to Enterprise Investment Scheme. Retaining key employees. R&D. Current tips and issues for financing and growing your Lean Start Up; and at what point should you think about being a company? Simon and Rob bring their collective 51 years’ experience in tax and financial advice to Lean Start Up Yorkshire.


Simon – Partner at Garbutt & Elliott’s Leeds office. Specialties include providing expert financial advice to media agencies, the creative industries, and technology companies, with a particular emphasis on start-ups. Simon also has substantial music industry expertise advising bands, managers, venues, producers and studios.

Rob – Senior Tax Consultant with Garbutt & Elliott. A Chartered Tax Advisor, Rob is also a regular contributor to Taxation and other professional journals. Specialises in tax planning for individuals and companies. Started at the Inland Revenue in 1992, but eventually saw the light!

Eventbrite - Lean Startup Yorkshire - April 2015

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